About Me

So let me tell you a little something more about myself.




27, going on 16


November 17th

Where I live

A tiny town in Virginia, USA

Favorite Food?

Haha there is no such thing! (Pizza.)

Hi! Nice to meet you!

What else can I tell you about myself?

I was born and raised near Rotterdam, in the European country the Netherlands, which makes me Dutch! Recently, I moved to the United States to be with my boyfriend (now husband!) of I-can’t-even-remember-how-many years. After accomplishing some of my major life goals in the Netherlands (a.k.a. the whole college thing), I am extremely excited to turn the page onto this new chapter in my life. To be honest, I have no clue what I’m doing half the time, but it’s okay! Im confident I’ll figure it out. Sometime soon, I’m sure. Isn’t that what your twenties are for?

Fun Facts

I love the outdoors. It soothes and calms me. As do bookstores. And morning coffee, afternoon tea, and food. Isn’t comfort food just the best thing in the world? Trying a new recipe or restaurant is my absolute favorite Friday/Saturday night activity. That, or Netflix and dinner in bed. My husband is the most amazing chef, so I got pretty lucky there!
I love animals. Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with hedgehogs. They just melt my heart. I want one as a pet, but I heard they poop everywhere. If pets weren’t so messy, I’d have literally a million of them.
I enjoy a wide variety of TV shows, movies, books, and artists, ranging from the downright terrible (any fellow Twihards in the house?) to the undeniably good stuff! Hey, just because I enjoy the occasional Nicholas Sparks book/movie, does not mean I can’t appreciate the adventures of Walter White and his goofy sidekick just the same.
Other things that make me happy: Friday nights, candles, rainy days on which I don’t have to leave the house, 00’s pop-punk, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my morning coffee and afternoon tea, typically Dutch “gezelligheid”, shopping, piano music, scarves, singing in the car, (red) wine, sneakers, dogs, clean-sheets-day, binge-watching The Office for the millionth time, organizing, Reddit, orchids, and various combinations of these things.

My motto?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott”


The Office is my happy place.


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About What Emma Loves

On this blog, I share my enthusiasm for a few of my favorite things (musicals not included. Except Grease, maybe). I generally have a lot of enthusiasm as well as a lot of things I love. For the sake of structure and clarity, this blog is divided up into two main categories: Beauty and Life.


I. Love. Makeup. I am a self-proclaimed makeup addict, a total beauty junkie. I am intrigued by anything and everything having to do with cosmetics. It’s a longtime hobby that has gotten quite out of hand, judging by the size of my current makeup stash. I’ll spare you the details about the amount of lipsticks I currently own. Nobody needs that many lipsticks. Nobody.

But! As a makeup enthusiast of many years, I have learned and discovered a thing or two and continue to explore new techniques and products every day. This blog partly serves as a way for me to not only share my enthusiasm for anything relating to beauty (which, if you’re anything like me, should be fun to begin with) but also to hopefully be of help to anyone who’s interested.

On my Beauty page, you will find product reviews, tutorials, look of the day posts, and much more, posted on a regular basis. 


Alongside beauty and makeup, there are plenty of other things that amuse and enthuse me. I am generally a very excitable person with varied interests. For instance, I enjoy photography, TV/movies, music, reading, food (who doesn’t?!), exploring the world and learning a thing or two along the way. I am equally excited to write about these interests as I am to write about my passion for all things beauty.

Additionally, I would like to offer you a glimpse into my personal life, however uneventful it may be at times (I mean hey, sometimes a perfect day simply includes nothing more than Netflix, a onesie, and a bowl of popcorn). I love to spend time with friends and family, going out and having some plain, good ol’ fun! This blog partly serves as not only a way to journal throughout my life’s journey, but also to keep my family and friends back home (fun fact: I am Dutch but recently moved to the US) informed about what’s going on in my life.

On my Life page, you will find posts and content fitting into the above mentioned categories, including TV/Movie/Music/Book reviews, recipes, photo galleries, and more, posted on a regular basis.